Wine Varietals

From Pinot Grigio to Shiraz, exploring new types of wine (known as 'varietals') is one of the great pleasures of wine. With a myriad of flavor profiles, growing regions and winemaking techniques, there is an amazing array of wines to explore and experience.

va•ri•e|tal (va-RYE-uh-tull)

A distinct variety; specifically designating a wine that bears the name of the variety of grape from which it is made - n. a varietal wine.

The skybar® Wine System offers nine pre-set temperature settings for the most common wine varietals. If you are loading a different varietal, or if you prefer a different serving temperature, you can easily manually adjust the temperature setting of each chamber to suit your personal preferences. Use this temperature chart as a guide. For recommended food pairings with each wine, visit Food & Wine Pairing Tips.

Here are the typical flavor profiles you may find in these popular wines:

Sauvignon Blanc Crisp and light-bodied with tones of grass, herb, melon, gooseberry, citrus and fig. SO-veen-yawn BLONK
Pinot Grigio Fresh and light-bodied with aromas and flavors of grapefruit, lime, fresh melon and green apple. PEA-know GREE-shee-oh
Chardonnay Styles range widely from crisp citrus and green apple to buttery, oaky, pear and red apple flavors. SHAR-dough-NAY
White Zinfandel Light, fresh and slightly sweet with vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, cherry and light citrus. WHITE ZIN-fan-dell
Pinot Noir Medium-bodied and lower tannin with bright red cherry, raspberry, strawberry and earthy tones of forest floor, smoke and spice. PEA-know naWHAR
Merlot Styles range from fruity and youthful to heavy-bodied. Look for black cherry, plum, blueberry and chocolate notes. mare-LOW
Zinfandel (Red) Ranges from medium to full-bodied with raspberry, blackberry, black pepper, smoke and spice. ZIN-fan-dell
Syrah/Shiraz Full-bodied and tannic with black cherry, currant, jam, spice and tobacco. shear-AHZ or shear-OZ
Cabernet Sauvignon Full-bodied and robust with black currant, cassis, red berries, black pepper, bell pepper and prune. CAB-air-NAY SO-veen-YAWN