If a wine bottle is installed, the lights should be amber or green. If there are no lights illuminated, neither the preservation mode nor the pour mode is active. Follow the steps below to activate preservation mode:

  1. Open the wine chamber door and ensure the bottle is installed correctly onto the Bottle Pour Assembly and that the Bottle Pour Assembly is engaged into the wine chamber. Close the door. The system should reset.
  2. Ensure the Pour Tip is tightened onto the Pour Spout. If you have reinstalled the Pour Tip, reset the preservation mode by opening and closing the door after you have reinstalled the Pour Tip. Preservation should begin and the amber light should illuminate.
  3. Remove the Pour Tip by sliding it out from the Pour Spout. This will allow any remaining liquids to flow out and air and water to pass through the Bottle Pour Assembly for cleaning. Please perform this step over a sink.